Obiective turistice


The cottage consists of 6 double rooms, each with 2 beds: a double and a single one, each room having its separate bathroom.

In the summer, two small wooden huts are also available (each having two beds).

Provisions. Relating to this, we can mention the following: electricity supply, central heater, continuously warm water, TV, billiard, network and signal for all cellphones (available in Romania).

Following pictures show you the Ghiocelul cottage

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Ghiocelul has a restaurant and a bar, with forty seats and, in summer an outdoor terrace with 50 seats, in a gorgeous landscape.



One cannot forget the specifically Romanian kitchen of course; the steak, Cevapcici and delicious soups, can consume also trouts one from own breeding.

Ghiocelul offers price quality the best relationship. Here, a few examples follow:

double rooms (doubles) and separate bed + bath, 18 Euro/Tag

Breakfast - from 2 Euro/Person

Lunches - from 2 Euro/Person

Beer/Soft drinks- from 0,4 Euro/Person